Thursday, 15 March 2012

Great value lipsticks!

Recently, I went make up shopping trying to find a cheap but great quality lipstick. I went searching in loads of different shops and online BUT then I went into Boots and saw the Collection 2000 range of lipsticks. So after the long search of looking for a cheap lipstick I bought the Collection 2000 lipstick in the shade perfect pink 2.

Personally I think It amazing!!!
This lipstick lasts for a very long time and brings out your lips. I think its very good value for something with this good quality to it! The price is only £2.99 which come on is nothing for a lipstick as where brands such as MAC and other high brands price their lipsticks at around £13 pounds each.

This is what Collection 2000 lisptick packaging used to look like.
This is what the packaging now looks like. Shade Perfect Pink 2

I love this lipstick that much I had to buy another one.
Before the packaging was black but a hint of pink on the lid but now it has changed to all pink.

Im hoping this blog helped and told you about this great range that is out :)
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Many thanks 
Love Natasha


  1. I am a complete lipstick junkie! xxxx

  2. Me too! Ill be posting more on my blog within the next few days :) x