Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Today my order from Miss arrived.
A couple of days ago I ordered:

The leopard print dress which was around £26.99.
I thought this was a good price since I found a simular style in Topshop for around £36.00.
Anyways the dress is made out really good material and is not really heavy but isn't as light as other dresses I have bought before. This dress would look great with black shoes eg: heel or flats etc or sandals. This dress is shorter than a usual dress as im about 5ft 9.

Leopard print dress.

The other thing I ordered was a retro mini skirt. I love this skirt to bits just because of the four blocks prints of colour stamped on it. The material it is made with is the striped black material.
I think this would be great for going out partying in and just for summer.It would look great with a simple plain top either white,black etc. For shoes sandals or flats or even heels would look great!

Retro mini skirt.

The packaging that these items arrived in were different to what my usual parcels arrive in. Both the dress and skirt were in there clear plastic bags but were both in a sort of pillow case looking bag which was black.

Outer of the parcel packaging.

The pillow case packaging i mentioned.

Anyways sorry for this random blog, hope you enjoyed it
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Love Natasha

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nail varnish

Today I discovered technic nail varnish. You can buy thes nail varnishes from body care and come in a range or colours.

Over the past couple of months I have become addicted to buying nail varnishes. Ever since I have been wearing nail varnish everyday my nails have seemed to have grown quite a bit.
The technic range are very simular to the OPI nail varnishes but obviously come at a much cheaper price. I paid 99p each. I think these are very resunable prices.

Technic nail varnish in the colour Amethyst

Technic nail varnish in the colour Bonanza

Rimmel London nail varnish in the colour disco ball.

Rimmel London nail varnish in the colour Azure.

Barry M crackle effect in the colour black.

Barry M nail varnish in the colour Strawberry.

For once I didn't buy something pink!!!!

My favourite nail varish are the ones that change colour and have that petrol look to them and of course pink!

For most of you will know that I am obsessed (well that isn't the word really but oh well) with the colour pink.

Barry M crackle nail varnish is another great buy! I personally think you should only buy the Barry M crackle due to previous experiences with other brands. This is because other brands don't seem to crackle and set as well as Barry M. But it's up to you really. You can buy the Barry M range from Boots.

Another popular nail varnish range called Rimmel London. These dry very quickly and leave a great coverage over the nail. You can buy these from most cosmetics shops I think (I got mine from Boots).

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Much love Natasha

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Great value lipsticks!

Recently, I went make up shopping trying to find a cheap but great quality lipstick. I went searching in loads of different shops and online BUT then I went into Boots and saw the Collection 2000 range of lipsticks. So after the long search of looking for a cheap lipstick I bought the Collection 2000 lipstick in the shade perfect pink 2.

Personally I think It amazing!!!
This lipstick lasts for a very long time and brings out your lips. I think its very good value for something with this good quality to it! The price is only £2.99 which come on is nothing for a lipstick as where brands such as MAC and other high brands price their lipsticks at around £13 pounds each.

This is what Collection 2000 lisptick packaging used to look like.
This is what the packaging now looks like. Shade Perfect Pink 2

I love this lipstick that much I had to buy another one.
Before the packaging was black but a hint of pink on the lid but now it has changed to all pink.

Im hoping this blog helped and told you about this great range that is out :)
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Many thanks 
Love Natasha