Thursday, 27 September 2012

important notice- BIRMINGHAM

Just a quick thing.

Im going to be in Birmingham tomorrow so if any of you see me please dont be affraid to come and say hello :)

If you want to know where abouts I am in the Bullring or the shopping areas please tweet me @natashahands or add me on bbm :)

Ill be arriving about 11ish

Look forward to maybe seeing some of you

Many thanks Natasha

Friday, 14 September 2012

Products I will NEVER repurchase

So today I decided to look through my make up and pick out those products which I had bought thinking they were great when in fact they were rubbish.

I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences with each product


Firstly, I had purchased the benefit bag gal lash mascara. I had looked at many reviews on this products saying how good it was and how long it made your lashes and that it was definitely worth it's money.

Which in fact its IS NOT worth its money! Its does not make any difference to my lashes. My lashes still look the same without me applying any mascara on them. Now this might be because I'm the knid of person who likes their lashes to stand out, but for those who like the 'not noticeable' lashes.

The only good point I would say about the mascara is that the packaging is great, its colouful and it stands out.

To conclude I just think this product (all i can describe it is naff) is not worth wasting your money on.

Secondly, the collection 2000 supersize mascara.

The reason I wouldnt repurchase this product is that it is meant to make your lashes longer, but I found that I had to use other mascaras before I applied the collection 2000 one.

It says 'supersize your lashes. Super volumising mascara for big, bold lashes'

Personally I dont think it does that.


It is true when people say you  get what you pay for. I would buy a more expensive product.

The mua bb is meant to prime,smoothes and conceals.

After buying such cheap products I am most likely going to invest in a high end BB cream in the future just because of the fact that  it doesnt do what it says on the tin.


I dont usually use bronzer just because I dont think it looks good on me (each to their own) but i decided to buy one a few weeks back

Sadly,I cant tell you what brand it is just because the top has fallen off with the name on it.

I think this bronzer is just too darker (maybe its just me)

Since im very fair skinned I dont think bits of my face to looked 'tanned' as the rest of my body isnt (if you understand)

But anyway. yeaj i dont really recommened bronzers  if your fair skinnedand hate looking 'tanned'


OH MY GOD! eurgh i stand stand this product with a passion and I dont understand why people buy this!

No offence.

But this foundation is just not nice, well if you like the unnatural look.

If you like to look natural with your foundations then this isnt for you.
When the foundation is applied it just looks like you have just caked it on and you can tell you are wearing a lot of it.
I tried to become tanned for a night out with was a mistake. I bought two types of tan to try out.

One was Rimmel and the other was wipes from Bodycare.
The Rimmel tan said it was waterproof which is a complete lie! I know it only lasts 24 hours but a little bit of water went of my leg after applying the tan 3 hours before and it made some of the tan come off.

Now I dont know if i was doing something wrong or not but this is just my experience.

The wipes from bodycare which I used were easy to apply, but the finished result looked unnatural and I like to look natural with my  foundation and tan.

So after my experience with tan I have decided to stay away from the stuff!

The MUA blush I found was a very dark pink compared to the actual shade in the container.

The MUA liquid eyeliner I just didnt like from the first time I used it. I t might because im used to using the eyeliner in the pots and applying it with an angled brush, I dont know haha.

The last MUA product isthe blonde eyebrow pencil. I found with this product that it didnt look right. I think its because it wasnt the correct shade of blonde which I thought it would be. On the bright side the brush on the end is amazing!

Im so sorry most of these products are MUA.

The mua powder is a dark and that was the lightest you could get. It look very orange looking when I applied it. My lesson is Im staying away from mua apart from buying the eyeshadows because they are great!

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